December 08, 2023

Refund Policy

Welcome to TaxEye

Thank you for choosing TaxEye (ITR Filing platform for 100 million taxpayers). Your satisfaction is our priority. Please review our refund policy outlined below:

Refund at the choice of the client without any reason

TaxEye has a clear refund policy outlined for purchasers. If a buyer notifies TaxEye of their intent to refund within the initial 4 hours via email to [email protected], they are eligible for a full 100% refund. However, once this 4-hour window expires, no refunds will be processed. Additionally, once an order has been assigned to professionals, regardless of the circumstances, no refunds will be granted. If a purchaser remains non-responsive for more than seven days, TaxEye reserves the right to cancel the order without issuing a refund. It's important to note that refund approval is contingent upon the consultant's agreement. In case of disputes arising between the client and the consultant, TaxEye disclaims liability, treating such issues as individual matters to be resolved between the concerned parties.

TaxEye's refund policy is time-sensitive, allowing a full refund if requested within the first 4 hours. However, once the order is assigned or if there is no response from the purchaser for more than seven days, no refunds will be provided. The ultimate decision on refund approval rests with the consultant, introducing an additional layer to the process. Disputes arising during this process are considered personal matters between the client and the consultant, absolving TaxEye of any liability in such situations.

Understanding of Government Fees and Compliance

Before purchase, ensure understanding of applicable government fees, compliance requirements, and necessary documents.

Failure to provide required information within 15 days deems services completed, and the balance is payable.

Refund if Professionals Can't Deliver Services

TaxEye's refund policy extends to situations where services cannot be delivered due to unforeseen changes in the law, and the purchaser is unable to meet the revised regulatory norms. In such cases, where the legal landscape undergoes modifications, rendering the initially requested services impractical or non-compliant, no refunds will be processed. This policy recognizes the external factors beyond TaxEye's control and emphasizes the importance of purchasers staying informed about legal changes that may impact the feasibility of their requested services. It positions TaxEye as an aggregator of legal professionals who operate within the constraints of existing laws and regulations, and as such, the inability to fulfil services due to legal changes does not qualify for a refund.

In cases where the assigned professionals either lack the requisite experience or decline to undertake the assignment, TaxEye offers a solution by potentially reassigning the service order to other professionals within its network. The refund request option becomes applicable if, within a cooling period of 30 days, none of the professionals in the network can deliver the requested services. This nuanced approach recognizes that unforeseen circumstances may arise even within TaxEye's network, and the company aims to provide alternative solutions to fulfil its commitment to delivering the required services. The 30-day period allows for a reasonable timeframe to explore alternative professional assignments before considering a refund.

Exclusions from Refund Requests

Delays from regulators/government departments are excluded.

No refund for rejection by government authorities; re-application incurs additional fees.

Client Responsibilities and Penalties

The responsibility for penalties imposed by government authorities squarely rests on the purchaser when availing services through TaxEye. This clause underscores the importance of purchasers being cognizant of and accountable for any penalties or fees levied by government authorities in the course of obtaining the requested services. TaxEye positions itself as an intermediary that facilitates the engagement of legal professionals but does not assume liability for any actions or impositions by government authorities. This clause is in line with the recognition that government authorities may impose penalties for various reasons, and purchasers are expected to bear the consequences of such actions.

Furthermore, purchasers explicitly confirm their status as neither agents, middlemen, nor unregistered legal professionals when engaging with TaxEye's platform. This affirmation establishes a clear understanding that TaxEye's services are designed for direct use by businesses or individuals seeking legal services, and any attempt to utilize the platform for intermediation or by unregistered professionals is considered a violation. The clause emphasizes the platform's commitment to maintaining the integrity of its network, and orders originating from middlemen or unregistered professionals outside the TaxEye network are categorized as violations, precluding any refund in such instances. This reinforces TaxEye's dedication to providing services directly to end-users and maintaining transparency and compliance within its professional network.

Refund Method

Refunds processed to the original mode of payment within 30 days of professional approval.

Escalation Matrix

Level 1: Email designed professionals with cc to [email protected].

Level 2: Appeal to nodal officer at [email protected] if dissatisfied with Level 1.

Other Terms

Payment confirms an assigned professional within 30 minutes.

Know your service requirements and required documents during payment.

Disputes settled in New Delhi court.

TaxEye reserves the right to amend information without prior notice.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. For any concerns, reach out to [email protected].